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Syros, found at the center of the Aegean islands, may be keeping a low profile compared to some of the Cyclades, but for those looking for hidden gems, a profound and vivid piece of history awaits to be discovered beyond the island’s astonishing beauty.

Syros is a 5,000 year old strenuous tale of fall and recovery, to becoming one of the ‘sweetest’ and most interesting destinations in Greece today.

From the hillsides of Ano Syros you can see many surrounding Cyclades islands such as Tinos, Mykonos, Paros and many more!

The north part of Syros is the island’s wildest side with limestone rocks covering most of it, making it inhabitable. In total contrast, the south side of Syros is flat and home to most of its settlements, as well as its capital, Ermoupoli, which is also the capital of the entire Cycladic complex.

You can enjoy Syros by birthing into any of its two main ports (Ermoupoli & Finikas port). From there you can discover beautiful neighborhoods, kind people, lots of small shops right and left the paved streets, neoclassical mansions and narrow alleys that only pedestrians can access.

About Syros

IMPORTAND! Please ask for updated information before approaching.

  • Ermoupoli → The town of Ermoupoli – Ερμούπολη extends, with its handsome houses in neo-classical style, from the harbour quarter, the administrative and business centre, with the Town Hall (now a museum) and Theatre – a copy of the Milanese La Scala – up the slopes of two hills, in a naturally amphitheatrical fashion.On the low hill, Vrontado, is the Orthodox Greek quarter (built from 1834 onwards).On the higher hill lies the Roman Catholic village of Ano Syros, established during the Venetian period (13th c.); monasteries, cobbled narrow streets, no cars allowed. On the summit of the Ano Syros hill stands the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St George (19th c.; panoramic views).
  • Kastri → North of Ermoupolis, at the village of Chalandriani, is the fortified Cycladic II settlement of Kastri, an important archaeological Carian site, dated 2600 – 2300 BCE.
  • Galissas → Galissas is a small bay on the W side of Syros, north of Finikas. It is mainly used by local small boats and there is barely room for a yacht. It provides some protection from the meltemi. Galissas is a favorite with the people from Syros for its wonderfull sunsets
  • Delphino → A small cove which provides some protection from the meltemi although there are high gusts.
  • Aetou → This anchorage is very gusty.
  • Grammata → Grammata on the NW corner of the island. It is a very attractive anchorage and it provides good shelter from the meltemi although there are high gusts from every direction. The rocks (W side) are covered with the names of seafarers who have sheltered here, hence the name Grammata – letters. Legend has it that the region in inhabited by feral rabbits which a kind soul had released to provide food for sailors waiting out a gale. You can anchor at the E side or at the W. Use a shore line. On the W side there are a number of tie-downs, the E side is less gusty. Holding is moderate in sandy patches in the E part (Americanou), but poor in sand and weed in the W. Anchors do not easily penetrate the weed roots just below the sandy surface, so test holding thoroughly.

Syros Map

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